Data Mining Techniques / Tools



  1. White Papers on Data Mining

This is a meta site that links to a couple of hundred white papers on IT related topics, including Data Mining.


  1. Data Mining Methodology - CRISP_DM


  1. Classification Trees CART/CHAID
    Electronic Text Book by Statsoft Inc.

This textbook contains an introduction to most statistical techniques. For more in depth coverage of the techniques, refer to a good multivariate statistics textbook such as the one by Hair, et al.


  1. The Measurement Group (TMG) CART/CHAID

For CHAID analysis, go to

For CART analysis, go to

Each gives an overview, interpretation, and pros and cons.


  1. DM Stat-I Newsletter Article about using CHAID


  1. Cluster Analysis Paper - Satish and Tim
    paper_satish_tim.doc ( 205312 Bytes )
    This is the full text of the paper on clustering presented at SESUG '98 (South Eastern SAS users' Group). Ignore specific SAS related commands if you are not interested.